PEN Drive Files Recovery

PEN Drive Files Recovery 2.2

An easy-to-use tool to restore all deleted files and folders in your pen drive
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PEN Drive Files Recovery is an easy-to-use tool to restore all those files in your pen drive or flash memory that have been deleted either accidentally or on purpose. When launched, the program will automatically detect all the pen drives connected to your computer, and will give you the option to scan any or all of them. Then, it will show you all the deleted files and folders, which you can then select for recovery.

In fact, PEN Drive Files Recovery allows you to filter the results to help you locate the files or folders you need to recover. It will also offer you information about its status (if it is a deleted file or not), the date it was accessed for the last time, and the file’s size and type (its extension, basically). This is as much as you can do with this tool, unless you register (i.e. buy) your free copy. Therefore, it has not been possible to check and review the real level of performance of this tool. Everything the program does up to the point of recovering a deleted file or folder is accurate and of a high standard – however, it is not possible to say if it finds it easy or hard to recover some or all of the items marked as deleted, and if the output of the recovery is satisfactory or not (that is, if the files can be opened, executed, or copied, etc., as if they had never been deleted).

Francisco Martínez
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  • Fast scanning process
  • Finds all recoverable files


  • Evaluation version does not allow the program to be properly evaluated, as file recovery is not supported
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